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Stephen Kristof, Kristofs Entertainment Center

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Ticket Balls Deflated 18in Asmt


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Ticket Value Breakdown:
100 Ticket- 20/50
250 Ticket- 12/50
500 Ticket- 8/50
1000 Ticket- 5/50
2500 Ticket- 4/50
5000 Ticket- 1/50

Redeeming Process:
1: Customer wins ball from your Crane.
2: Customer takes ball to your redemption counter to redeem.
3: Employee scans the barcode on the ball removing ball from inventory
4: Employee marks out barcode
5: Employee adds tickets to customers card
6: Customer can then redeem tickets like normal
7: Customer has a "Straight up good time" at your center.

Age 5 +
Categories Ball Crane, Balls, Big One/Giant Crane, and Crane Products
Pkg Size 18" x 18" x 18"
Product Display Shelf Item
Product of CHN
UPC 758524366484
name qty/units
Ticket Balls Deflated 18in Asmt  50/case