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Call Redemption Plus About Toys and Incentive Merchandise

"You ROCK!"
Donna Welsh, Learn It Systems
"Crane Products" and "Plush Assortment Kits"
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name SKU qty/units
  Generic Plush 6-7in Asmt  325657  384/kit
  Generic Sea Life Plush 8in Asmt  325659  144/kit
  Jumbo Crane 100pct Licensed Asmt  325663  48/kit
Jumbo DC Comics 50pct Licensed Plush Asmt  325691  48/kit
  Jumbo Laying Squishy Asmt  324705  12/kit
Jumbo Licensed Horror Plush 10in Asmt  325689  48/kit
Jumbo Looney Tunes 50pct Licensed Plush Asmt  325692  48/kit
Small Crane 100pct Licensed Asmt  325690  72/kit
  Small Crane 50pct Licensed Plush 7-8in Asmt  325660  72/kit
  Small Crane Nintendo Plush 6-8in Asmt  325661  72/kit

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