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Call Redemption Plus About Toys and Incentive Merchandise
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"The extra steps you take really make my job easier!"
Karey Blankenship, All American Fun Park

New Redemption Merchandise

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Mini Hands 1.25in asmt  326200  24/inner

Squeeze Candy Jar 2.25in asmt  326199  24/inner

Glitter Sugar Cube 2.25in asmt  326197  12/inner

Rainfall Tube 16in asmt  326195  12/inner

Squish Cylinder 2.5in asmt  326191  12/inner

Squish Ball w Clay 2.5in asmt  326203  12/inner

Open Wheel Race Car 10in asmt  326206  12/inner
Licensed Stickers Hanging Merchandiser Asmt  326472  100/case

Suprise Egg Capsules 2in Asmt  326473  350/case

Bluey Stickers Asmt  326474  300/case

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