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"You showed me what I need to run a profitable game room and redemption counter."
Shane Carey, Gatti-Town

"Crane Products" and "Candy Crane"
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name SKU qty/units
2500pc Premium Candy Crane Asmt  325942  2500/kit
  4000pc Candy Crane Asmt  320557  4000/kit
Bulk Assorted Lollipops 4lbs  325599  288/inner
Bulk Tiger Pops 200ct 4.4lb  325597  200/inner
Bulk Wrapped Dubble Bubble Orginal 25lbs  325598  1800/case
Colombina Bulk Fancy Filled Candy Asmt 5lb  325596  450/inner
  efrutti Gummi Cupcake  320675  60/inner
efrutti Gummi Hot Dogs .32oz  323845  60/inner
efrutti Gummi Mini Burgers .32oz  323846  60/inner
efrutti Gummi Sour Fruit Fries  323841  48/inner

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