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Airheads Peg Bag Bites 6oz


Satisfy your sweet cravings with Airheads Soft Filled Bites. The future of 3D flavor is now, play delicious with each dimension of tangy, sweet and smooth Airheads flavor in every bite. This bulk box of 12x 6 ounce bags of Airheads Soft Filled Bites are filled with assorted sweetly sour fruit flavored Soft Filled Bites- including blue raspberry, cherry, watermelon, orange, strawberry and green apple. The 3D flavor of each chewy piece comes from three layers - the tangy sugar coating, the soft and sweet outer shell and the smooth fondant in the flavor blast center. Peanut-free and allergy friendly.

Age 5 +
Categories Candy, Display Method, Foodie, and Peg Items
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Airheads Peg Bag Bites 6oz  12/case