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14.5in Lava® Lamp Asmt


The Lava® 14.5-Inch Assortment features a silver hand spun aluminum based with three colors options- pink wax in purple liquid, purple wax in blue liquid, and green wax in blue liquid. Watch the neon blobs suspended in liquid collide, flow, and split apart as they ooze their way up, down, and around the glass globe of this classic Lava® lamp. A hand-spun aluminum base and cap make this lamp truly unique. Enjoy the colorful motion of this classic version of the timeless Lava the Original lamp. For over fifty years, the iconic Lava® brand has been the pioneer in novelty and conventional lighting products, and today it stands as one of the most recognized, trusted, and beloved brands of all time. Colors may vary.

25 watt light bulb included.
Plugs into a power outlet.

Age 8 +
Categories Branded and Licensed, Display Method, Electronics, Lava™, Lights and Glow, and Shelf Items
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