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Nostalgia Coca Cola® Popcorn Maker


This wonderfully designed replica of the old-fashioned, street-corner popcorn stands of the early 1900s and is a table-top sized party pleaser. In just minutes, family and friends can enjoy the taste of freshly popped popcorn! Its electric popping system uses hot air instead of oil, producing a light and healthy snack. This popcorn maker comes with a measuring cap that assures the proper amount of kernels are used in each batch. Enjoy the fresh taste of hot popcorn in minutes!

Age 19 +
Categories Adulting, Branded and Licensed, Foodie, Nostalgia, and Shelf Items
Pkg Size 8" x 17" x 10.5"
Product Display Shelf Item
Product of CHN
UPC 082677135018
name qty/units
Nostalgia Coca Cola® Popcorn Maker  1/case