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Your happiness is 100% guaranteed.

Have a bouncy ball that doesn't bounce? We'll issue you a credit, then go ahead and bounce that ball into the trash. Got an item older than the dinosaurs? Yeah, we don’t want it either, but we’ll still give you a credit. Or maybe it’s an iPod® Shuffle­™ that doesn't shuffle? We may want to take a closer look. Point is - some things are worth saving and some aren't. Regardless, if it's not working or not moving, we'll get you your money back. Only exceptions might be custom products (you're one-of-a-kind!), seasonal merchandise, candy or special orders.

If you're not sure which way to go, give us a shout. If you need to place a return, just follow these easy steps.

1. Click the Create a New Return link below
2. Complete the form
3. Either print the RMA label provided and tape it to the outside of your box OR write the RMA number provided on the outside of the box

Sorry to say, but returns cannot be accepted without this RMA number. Otherwise, our receiving department will think it's a reward for all of their hard work and graciously accept the gift!

You may use the shipping service of your choice (USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, carrier pigeon, etc). You are responsible for the return shipping cost on unwanted merchandise, so you may want to refrain from having drones deliver it, as I hear they're very expensive. Also, refunds do not include any shipping charges.

If you have any questions about this process, we have faith you'll eventually figure it out. Only kidding - please call our customer support team at 888.564.7587.