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efrutti Gummi Unicorns Share Bags 1.4oz


Some say there is a pot o’ gold at the end of every rainbow; people have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of years seeking out the adorable and elusive unicorn. When the expression “unicorns and rainbows” is used, some could be saying that the situation is not perfect, while others could be referring to something beyond unobtainable and description.

Should you have a taste of Efrutti Gummi Rainbow Unicorns, you will undoubtedly agree that they are describing a candy as delicious as it is fun to eat. You may not be about to find the elusive pot o’ gold, and there is a solid chance you won’t find a Unicorn at your local pet store, but a bag of “Share Size” Gummi Rainbow Unicorns is always within reach and surely worthy of any candy jar or treat bag.

At CandyFavorites, we love trivia and thought you might enjoy a fun fact. Did you know that the original concept of a unicorn may have come from sailors who saw Narwhales on their voyages?

Fat, Gluten, and Nut Free
Efrutti Gummi Rainbow Unicorns 1.40 oz. Share Size Bags – 12 / Case

Efrutti Gummi Rainbow Unicorns are the candy equivalent of a pot o’gold. Treat yourself today!

Age 5 +
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efrutti Gummi Unicorns Share Bags 1.4oz  12/inner