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"Our arcade revenues are up 4% since you overhauled our counter."
Hunt Fitzgerald, Palace Pointe Arcade
"Branded & Licensed" and "DC Comics™"
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  100 Ticket DC Comic Backpack Clips 2in Capsule Kit 250pc  320481  250/kit
DC Comics 6pc Hanging Kit  320911  6/kit
DC® Comics™ Super Heros 9in  313525  each
Hot Wheels® Monster Jam® Demolition Doubles™ Asmt  318499  each
  PEZ® DC SuperHero Girls™ Dispenser Asmt  320504  6/inner
Superhero Funko Pop! 12 pc Hanging Kit  320910  12/kit
  Teen Titans™ 11-14in Asmt  320814  each
  Teen Titans™ 8-10in Asmt  320813  each