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Electric Guitar 39in Wht


The Viper Electric Guitar Combo Pack has everything you need to start rocking! The Viper Guitar is an original design crafted from components and features beyond what you expect from instruments in this price range. The Viper features an ultra light, hand contoured basswood body with a single humbucker and a vintage-style tremolo system designed for better sustain. The 25 ½” maple neck is topped off with a 21-fret maple fingerboard, Vintage Tremolo bridge and whammy bar lets you have tons of fun producing cool rock effects.

Package Includes:

Gig Bag
Guitar Pick
Guitar Strap
Truss Rod Wrench
Tremolo Bar

Age 12 +
Categories Display Method, Electronics, Musical Instruments, and Shelf Items
Pkg Size 19" x 42" x 5.5"
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Electric Guitar 39in Wht  each