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Trolls Tiny Dancers Blind Packs


Tiny Dancers are little figures that shimmy and shake! Features 12 different fun, stylized characters inspired by the movie Trolls World Tour, and each package is a surprise! You don't know which one you'll get until you open it. Maybe it's the V.I.T. (Very Important Troll)! Attach the figure to the included ring and barrette and make them dance. Wear them everywhere, or share with a friend. Kids can collect all the Tiny Dancers. Put 'em on and make 'em wiggle!

Arrives in a self display box for counters or shelves, but can be displayed on a peg.

Age 5 +
Categories Branded and Licensed, Collectibles, Peg Items, Prizezilla, and Self Display
Pkg Size 6" x 3.4" x 1"
Product Display Peg Item and Self Display Box
Product of CHN
UPC 630509918140
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Trolls Tiny Dancers Blind Packs  12/case