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SqueezyMates DC Justice League


Now you can collect Batman, Superman, The Joker and more in an amazing new SqueezyMates lineup!

Made from the fun to squeeze material, Slo-Foam, SqueezyMates are collectible and squishy figures!

This squeezable lineup features all your favorite DC Comics heroes and villains. Attached carabiner clip makes it easy to clip them to a backpack, belt and more. The figure inside each blind pack is random, which adds mystery and fun to each pack!

Collect all 24 superheroes and villains including EXCLUSIVE RARE FIGURES!

Sold in a self-display box for shelves and counters, or individual bags can hang on a peg.

Age 5 +
Categories Branded and Licensed, Collectibles, Peg Items, Prizezilla, and Self Display
Product Display Peg Item, Self Display Box, and Shelf Item
Product of USA
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SqueezyMates DC Justice League  24/inner