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"Not everyone is as awesome as you guys!"
Angela Edwards, Namco Entertainment

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Soft and Cuddly


Soft & Cuddly is compiled of high and low-ticket items to serve a variety of guests. This storyboard has something for everyone. With a mix of licensed and generic, you will find something every player wants to snuggle up to!

# of Items: 5
Ticket Value Range: 175-700
Average Ticket Value: 435

What you need to do: Order this Storyboard by adding it to your cart. You'll get all the product you need. Then, print out the planogram- this is your guide to hanging the storyboard on your wall. Our best practice is to tape the page up on the wall for reference as you are setting up the product.

How to print: Click on "view larger image," this will bring up a large-scale, high-resolution image for you to print from your browser

Soft and Cuddly
Soft and Cuddly