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Pound Puppies Newborns ™ 8in Asmt


These Pound Puppy Newborns™ are looking for a loving home! They are soft, fuzzy babies who need someone to adopt them and take care of them. They like to be held close and given lots of love & hugs! If you take them home, they promise to love you very much.

Each Pound Puppy Newborn includes a sticker sheet and adoption certificate so you can write in the name you choose for your new pet. Authentic reproductions of the original Pound Puppies from the 1980s!

Age 3 +
Categories Branded & Licensed, Collectibles, and Self Display
Pkg Size 10.13" x 12.5" x 8"
Product Display Self Display Box
Product of CHN
UPC 885561380712
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Pound Puppies Newborns ™ 8in Asmt  12/case