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Leon Moncla, Colorado Canyon

Emerald Toy™ specializes in manufacturing and delivering quality soft-stuffed plush toys. Through this exclusive Redemption Plus line, we are able to offer flexible plush container programs, domestic US inventory, and custom plush manufactured for specific sizes, price points, colors and materials. Contact your account manager for details.

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Exclusive Product Big Eye Plush 12in Assortment  318631  each
Exclusive Product Blox 18inx13inx9.5in Asst  319447  each
Exclusive Product Bowling Pin Plush 8in Asst  317190  12/inner
Exclusive Product Colorful Monkey 12in Asst  305149  each
Exclusive Product Funny Face Plush 6in Asst  315130  each
Furry Cat Hat Assortment  318633  each
Exclusive Product Hairy Monster Hat 9in Asst  317862  each
Exclusive Product Hanging Tye Dye Peace Dice 3in 2pc Asst  317040  6/inner
Exclusive Product
Mace Spike Ball 16in Asst  314996  each
Exclusive Product Neon Apees 11in Asst  318343  each

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