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Franklin® NHL Street Hockey Starter Set


The Franklin® Sports Kids Street Hockey Stick and Ball Starter Set includes (2) 34inch junior hockey sticks with vibrant NHL graphics, and (1) 65mm low-density street hockey ball. The shaft and blade are constructed with a flexible and durable ABS plastic to withstand natural wear & tear that comes with playing outside on the pavement. This hockey stick set has been specifically engineered for young athletes playing sports for the first time. Franklin® and the NHL are proud to offer an item where kids of all ages can experience the thrill and excitement of Hockey - teach how to play while keeping learning fun!

Age 5 +
Categories Core Products, Branded and Licensed, Games and Sports, Outdoor Play, and Peg Items
Pkg Size 7.25" x 39" x 3"
Product Display Peg Item
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UPC 025725320820
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