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Hunt Fitzgerald, Palace Pointe Arcade

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Mood Mudd Dough 4oz Asmt


Nothing can tell how you're feeling quite like this Mood Mudd Dough can. The 4oz Mood Mudd Dough changes color when touched and is available in 4 base assortment colors. It is the ultimate in Putties + Slimes, as you can squish it, stretch it and sculpt it. Sold by the dozen and comes in a PDQ box to sell directly from your counter as a fidgety impulse buy, or it can sit on a shelf in your Ooey Gooey section.
Ages 3+

Age 3 +
Categories Bin Items, Bin Toys, Putties and Slimes, and Self Display
Product Display Bin Item and Self Display Box
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name qty/units
Mood Mudd Dough 4oz Asmt  36/case