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Lava® Grande Blue with Yellow Wax Lamp 27in


See more lava action than ever with over 2 feet of this Grande LAVA® lamp! Watch the mesmerizing motion of different sized blobs as they collide, split apart and ooze their way up and around the glass globe of this super-sized LAVA® lamp. A hand-spun base and cap make this lamp truly unique. Make a statement in any room and enjoy the colorful, relaxing motion of the largest LAVA® lamp.

100 watt reflector light bulb included
Plugs into a power outlet

Age 12 +
Categories Branded and Licensed, Electronics, Lava™, Lights and Glow, and Shelf Items
Pkg Size 10.5" x 29" x 10.5"
Product Display Shelf Item
Product of CHN
UPC 047162021245
name qty/units
Lava® Grande Blue with Yellow Wax Lamp 27in  1/case