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Jumbo NFL® Squeezy 4in Blind Capsules


Jumbo Squeezy Surprise! Giant Capsules have arrived! The latest addition to the SqueezyMates lineup are all-new 5" Jumbo Squeezys sold in random capsules. Each GIANT 3.75" capsule holds an EXPANDING 5" Jumbo Squeezy slo-foam NFL star quarterback inside. Made from the fun to squeeze material, Slo-Foam, Jumbo Squeezys are collectible and squishy NFL player figures! The squishy jumbo player figure inside each capsule is random, which adds mystery and fun to each one! Collect all 20 NFL star quarterbacks! Please allow figure to expand naturally once capsule has been opened and figured removed.

Age 5 +
Categories NFL™, Branded and Licensed, Collectibles, and Self Display
Product Display Self Display Box and Shelf Item
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Jumbo NFL® Squeezy 4in Blind Capsules  18/inner