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Gummy Bear Slime 3.25in Asmt


The best prize for the Foodie you know and love! The 3.25-inch Gummy Bear Slime can be featured in your Ooey Gooey or Foodie/Candy section, it's the best of both worlds! The assortment features 6 vibrant slimes that are housed in gummy bear shaped containers. Sold by the dozen and comes in a PDQ box to sell directly from your counter as a fidgety impulse buy, or it can sit on a shelf in your Ooey Gooey section.
Ages 3+

Age 5 +
Categories Fidget Toys and Games, Bin Toys, Display Method, Putties and Slimes, and Self Display
Product Display Self Display Box
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Gummy Bear Slime 3.25in Asmt  12/inner