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Giant OOPS Eraser 10.5in Asst


"OOPS!" I made a REALLY BIG MISTAKE! This 10.5-inch rubber eraser is made for those ginormous errors, we all make. The largest eraser ever made is guaranteed to last a lifetime or two! Great gift for the prankster in you. Comes in 2 colors, green and purple.

This item has been Kid Tested & Kid Approved based on such factors as fun, functionality, design, quality and packaging. See more kid approved items here.

Age 5 +
Categories Student Zone, Exclusives, Bin Items, Jokes & Gags, School Supplies, and Shelf Items
Pkg Size 10" x 3" x 1"
Product Display Bin Item and Shelf Item
Product of CHN
UPC 91037181329
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Giant OOPS Eraser 10.5in Asst  each

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