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Central Perk Neon Light 15in


Trendy Room Decor: Perk up your space with this flashy neon sign, featuring the iconic Central Perk logo from Friends. Inspired by the popular '90s sitcom, this accent piece will light up your fandom.

Easy To Display: Give your space a "friendly" upgrade with this neon sign. Measuring approximately 5 x 16 inches, this portable mood light is a versatile piece of home decor that can be mounted on your wall.

USB Powered: Neon light operates via USB cable (included), featuring a convenient in-line on/off switch for easy access. The energy-efficient, long-lasting LED light illuminates the Central Perk shop sign.

Age 8 +
Categories Adulting, Branded and Licensed, Friends, Lights and Glow, and Shelf Items
Pkg Size 14.96" x 7.87" x 1.96"
Product Display Shelf Item
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UPC 505596473984
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Central Perk Neon Light 15in  each