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"Thank you for the great support you give!"
Jerrod Walker, bluefusion

Through the talents of our on-site Digital Experience Architect, Aimeť Dolehanty, Redemption Plus offers these design services:

  • Consulting ó Advisory counsel of game room or redemption room design
  • AutoCAD Drawings ó Turn your space into manipulable 2D drawings
  • AutoCAD Game Layouts ó For initial game set up or to help you become more profitable with your existing games through the use of spacing and arrangement
  • Oversight of Design Installation ó Aimeť will work with the installation team to make sure everything is as it should be
  • SketchUp 3D Modeling ó Turn your space into manipulable 3D drawings
  • Stock Designs ó These are designs for those who have standard space dimensions, such as a 12' redemption counter

    • Common Mistakes That Ruin Design

      • Considering the redemption center too late in the construction process, leaving insufficient budget.
      • Selecting off-the-shelf, retail-type display cabinets (redemption display standards are different than retail and the use is different).
      • Thinking that cheaper is better. Off-the-shelf cases can fall apart easily, leaving you to scramble to replace them.
      • Thinking that bigger is better. Itís all about right sizing for the game sales volume and traffic.
      • Thinking that architects are best to design the redemption center. (They typically donít understand the dynamics of redemption and go for form over function ó  meanwhile costing too much.)
      • Not understanding the features, and therefore, not getting an apples-to-apples bid comparison.

      • How is a design project completed from start to finish?

        Whether you have an existing facility or are opening a new location, Redemption Plus can help you with your design needs. If youíre a new center, itís best to consider design early in the process to avoid those terrible mistakes listed above.

        A typical design project goes like this:

        1 | Design introduction meeting: Aimeť will walk through our Redemption Plus design portfolio and service packages to see what will best suit your needs
        2 | Preliminary design meeting: Hereís where Aimeť will review your space, wants, and specific design requirements
        3 | Preliminary design: We deliver the first draft of design to ensure the Aimeť is on the right track with your needs and wants
        4 | Final design: This is the final result, including any changes made after the preliminary design 👏
        5 | Builder dimensions: We deliver basic design dimensions to your builder, so they can get to work
        6 | Builder communication: Aimeť is open to any communication your builder may need

        If youíre ready to take your redemption or game area design to the next level, reach out to Aimeť, or a Value Architect.

        Aimeť Dolehanty - 913.563.4375 or