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A well planned, designed and merchandised redemption center is one of the most important game room investments! Our Digital Experience Architect works her magic to create custom cabinetry and prize displays for your redemption area, as well as creating custom game room layouts for your new or existing facility.

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What common mistakes do operators make when selecting redemption centers?

- Considering the redemption center too late in the construction process, leaving insufficient budget.
- Selecting off the shelf, retail type display cabinets (redemption display standards are different than retail and the use is different).
- Thinking that cheaper is better. (Those off the shelf cases fall apart quickly.)
- Thinking that bigger is better. (It’s all about right sizing for the game sales volume and traffic.)
- Thinking that architects are best to design the redemption center. (They typically don’t understand the dynamics of redemption and go for form over function- meanwhile costing too much.)
- Not understanding the features and therefore not getting an apples-to-apples bid comparison.